contract law

Contract law is one of the largest specialties within the legal system. Everyone, both entrepreneur and private individual, enter into commitments, almost daily and often unconsciously. Purchasing a train ticket, downloading an app, making an appointment with the dentist or buying a loaf of bread, these are all examples of everyday commitments.

Although most commitments are entered into and carried out automatically, they can sometimes go wrong. An ordered product does not live up to expectations, a service is not delivered, a payment is not made or the warranty term has expired. For entrepreneurs, for whom  “doing business” is nearly almost synonymous with entering into commitments, but of course also consumers who suddenly seem to be empty-handed, the stakes can be high.


One may ask: what are my rights and options if it turns out that my business partner does not meet promises and commitments? Can I undo previously made agreements? How can I recover my damages?


In the maze of negotiated agreements and appointments, it is crucially important to be assisted by a lawyer who can separate the wheat from the chaff and who can identify opportunities and threats. Analytical capacities, sound legal knowledge and strategic insight are indispensable in this respect. Preventing problems is better than healing. We therefore advise everyone to call on us when drawing up an agreement, so that you can be sure that the agreements will hold up legally. But even if an agreement is already in place and something goes wrong, it is useful to discuss this with us. We will explain the agreement, tell you where you stand and help you to find the best solution.


lawyers: Robert-jan Baarspul, Diana Simons, Job Hengeveld, Joan Du Bois