agreements and general terms & conditions

They are often called the "small print" of a contract: the list of provisions that largely determine how parties to an agreement must do business with one another. It is important that these rules exist. However, reviewing them is not a favourite activity for most people. Once a contract is signed and everything is going well, it usually disappears in a file never to be looked at again. But if uncertainties or disagreements between the contracting parties arise, having a solid contract is of utmost importance. It could be a great relief when you have arranged things properly and in time, whether in a contract or in the general terms and conditions that belong to it.

To draw up a good, consistent, and balanced agreement requires knowledge and skill. Is everything taken into consideration? Is the agreeement  factually as well as legally correct? What about the applicable terms and conditions? Solid contractual arrangments could prevent an enormous amount of misery and hardship and therefore provides the appropriate reassurance.

lawyers: Robert-Jan Baarspul, Job Hengeveld, Diana Simons, Joan Du Bois