ICT-law and privacy

Since the beginning of the so-called digital revolution, information and communication technology has undergone a stormy development, the end of which is not yet in sight. Not surprisingly, ICT law is considered one of the most dynamic areas in law. E-commerce, software development, cyber security, social media and artificial intelligence, just some of the countless terms that are not even that old and already often play a crucial role in our lives.


The internet and digital communication do not only affect our professional lives, but also our private lives. It is therefore not by chance that privacy law has become an important area of law alongside ICT law. Where privacy was once taken for granted, it is now an "asset" to protect. As a result, the compliance requirements for businesses are becoming increasingly stringent.


Understandably, it is a big challenge for entrepreneurs to keep up with all the legal developments in this area. In that case it is useful to have a legal advisor on hand who follows these developments closely, so that you can be certain that you are not lagging behind in this area.


Lawyer: Job Hengeveld